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2013-12-15 holistic health talk womens radio   Forgiveness meditation   Fred continues his conversation with Satya Kalra on her newest book   Get Inspired radio with Sue London – Healing Benefits of Yoga with Satya Kalra   Healing Benefits of Yoga with Satya Kalra   Holistic Health Talk Womens Radio   Interview with Satya Kalra    Read More…

International Gita Conference Photo Gallery Video Gallery

The Gita is a step-by-step practical spiritual guide that takes you from miseries and sorrows to everlasting happiness and peace through righteous action. Attain Eternal Happiness and Peace via the Journey of Self-Discovery through the Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita The goal of the study group is to enhance the quality of life, experience infinite    Read More…

“Yoga is Much More than Asana/Physical Fitness” In our last post on our journey through Yoga is much more than physical exercises/pose, we explored how applying the practices of True Yoga to our daily lives can lead us to blissful life and guide us to the discovery of our own purpose of life. As with    Read More…

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