October 6, 2009
“Lasting forever…Birth, death and beyond…” is a very comprehensive book, written by Satya Kalra which emerged out of Satya’s life experiences and numerous counseling sessions offered to the grieving loved ones, aptly captures thought provoking quotes from the Divine Scriptures. The book was released on Mount Kailash Mansarovar (Tibet-China) during the Pilgrimage Yatra on September 6th, 2009 by Swami Chidanand Saraswati. (Parmarth Rishikesh).

This colorful designed book with beautiful illustrations, and easy-to-understand language answers numerous, conflicting and complex queries that we all have with regard to life, death, God, heaven, hell, soul, and many such similar concepts.

Like a mother nurturing a baby, this book takes us through a spiritual journey, liberating us from the pain of birth and death cycle, helping us live our life happily and peacefully while striving towards a higher purpose. If the given tips are sincerely contemplated and practiced for 30 days, one will feel self-transformed and emotionally strengthened.

Satya Kalra, is the founder of the Path to Anandam, a non-profit organization. Path to Anandam is the road that takes one to the hidden treasure of eternal happiness and peace by unshackling one from all emotional attachments and negativities through a spiritual journey of self-transformation.The book “Lasting forever…Birth, death and beyond…” is the second book in the series of “Path to Anandam”.

The book is available through our website http://www.pathtoanandam.com/ and www.amazon.com. To know more about us, please visit us at http://www.pathtoanandam.com/.