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The Gita is a step-by-step practical spiritual guide that takes you from miseries and sorrows to everlasting happiness and peace through righteous action. Attain Eternal Happiness and Peace via the Journey of Self-Discovery through the Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita The goal of the study group is to enhance the quality of life, experience infinite    Read More…

Over 70,000 lives have been impacted Dear Friends, The disaster in Kedarnath and surrounding Ganga flood zone in India is simply heartbreaking. Over 70,000 lives have been impacted – more than 20,000 killed, 20,000 missing, and 30,000 homeless. Entire villages have been drowned and swept away. Here at for Path to Anandam, we have been    Read More…

7 Steps to Attain Everlasting Happiness (PDF) 7 Steps to Enhance the Quality of Temples & Sustain Dharma (PDF) 7 Steps to Transcend from Duality to Non-duality. Chakras Table Daily Spiritual Planner Diwali Meditation Experience the Divine Shakti (Anandamayi Shakti) through Self-Purification Oneness of Body, Mind and Spirit Ultimate Purpose of Life How Do You    Read More…

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