Krishan Kalra, Ph. D.

Dr. Kalra is an entrepreneur, scientist, and innovator. He founded BioGenex and serves as its CEO. He has more than 30 years of experience in organizational leadership, business management and technology innovation. Dr. Kalra is the author of numerous scientific publications and has over 50 patents in the field of automated systems, biological tools for translational and clinical research and molecular diagnostics. He is an innovator in field of cancer diagnosis, prognosis, therapy selection, and precision medicine and has developed fully-automated systems for tumor diagnosis. His recent work is directed towards improving disease outcome of over 30% cases not properly served by current technologies. He co-founded TiE and served as its first globalization chair. In 1998, he organized the International Gita conference on “Reconnecting Sprituality and Technology”at Stanford University and is involved in several philanthropic and NGO activities.