October 10, 2009


Pathtoanandam.com is a newly launched non-profit spiritual website aimed at people who want to reach their untapped eternal happiness and peace that is already within them, by practicing spirituality and thus attaining blissful life.

The website offers proven techniques, thought-provoking reflections and spiritual new-age and old-age practices that will help everyone to self-transform at the root level by removing or substituting negative emotions with positive emotions. These simple and easy tools will help to identify the purpose of life and to assist in attaining it step-by-step through self-awareness, self-analysis and self-action. One will gradually develop self-confidence, calmness, righteous attitude and also better relationship with others.

The website also helps volunteers get involved in various philanthropic activities including a chance to buy books dealing with important topics like life, death, God, heaven, hell, soul, Supreme Goal and many such similar concepts.

Satya Kalra, founder of the Path to Anandam Society says that she never dreamt of doing this type of work. However, a message from the Higher-Being prompted her to share her thoughts, vision and resources.

The proceeds generated by the website and books are donated to charitable and social activities. The website is a work-in-progress and will continue to develop as users’ give their valuable feedback and suggestions. Please visit http://www.pathtoanandam.com/ if you want to reconnect with your spiritual roots.