Life Coaching

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” ― Ralph Ellison

Life coaching, whether done with individuals or groups, empowers people to make positive changes in their lives by learning how to maximize their inner potential. We provide proven strategies to clear away the mental and spiritual roadblocks to their success. No matter what the professional or personal circumstances, age, background, or walk of life, everyone can benefit from the life-altering guidance offered by Path to Anandam’s life coaching programs.
Path to Anandam is a non-profit comanization. All program fees are used for philanthropic projects and are tax-deductible.

Each program will be specifically designed to meet your or your group’s needs and time requirements. Contact us to learn more.

One-to-One Personal Life Coaching

Every person has areas he or she wishes to improve, whether it’s in relationships, health, career, financial matters, or spiritual growth. It is often difficult for people to find solutions on their own due to their own preconditioning. Through a personalized, two-way partnership, your life coach will work with you in a way that best suits your individual needs and lifestyle. Together, you will evaluate your life’s circumstances and your desires, form an action plan, and work to reach your goals.

Life Coaching for Groups

Group coaching provides an economical way to address the needs of people with shared interests or to motivate a team. As in personal life coaching, individuals are encouraged to explore their dreams, face issues, identify negative thoughts and actions, and realize their potential through the principles of our “Triple A Strategy” (AAA) toward self-transformation ─ self-Awareness, self-Analysis, and self-Action.

Within a sympathetic and supportive group, participants gain a valuable new perspective on their lives as they discover how others have the same struggles and how they respond to them.

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