Self-Awakening Gita Study

The Gita is a step-by-step practical spiritual guide that takes you from miseries and sorrows to everlasting happiness and peace through righteous action.
Attain Eternal Happiness and Peace via the Journey of Self-Discovery through the Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita
The goal of the study group is to enhance the quality of life, experience infinite prosperity and abundance, and attain eternal happiness and peace even in the midst of life’s challenges through PRACTICING the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita(MQGA) in day-to-day life.
Through the journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Transformation, they develop and learn:

1. Self-Awareness
2. Perform Righteous Action/own prescribed duty
3. Solution focus NOT problem focus
4. Remove confusions and develop clarity
5. Self-confidence and self-esteem
6. Anger Management
7. Desire Management
8. Stress- Management
9. Worry Management
10. Love and compassion
11. Fearlessness
12. Patience
13. Forgiveness
14. Respect others
15. Gratitude
16. Improved relationship
17. Non-violence/Ahimsa
18. Help the needy
19. Have faith in themselves and God
20. Balanced Self-discipline lifestyle
21. Positive attitude
22. See goodness in self and others
23. Handle life’s challenges effectively
24. Calmness and Steadfastness
25. Let go – Surrender
26. Meditation
27. Pray
28. Raise consciousness
29. Wisdom
30. Journey of the Soul
31. Birth Death and Beyond
32. Purpose of life and how to achieve it
33. Experience, Sat Chit Ananda
34. Connect body, mind and soul-True Yoga
35. Heart full of Love and mind full of Peace-Anandam-Bliss
36. Sharing and caring for happy and peaceful world…
The Gita study group is led by Satya Kalra.
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