Secret Key to Women Empowerment

30 Days to Master Your Life

The Secret Key to Women Empowerment

Do you feel like you’re “not enough”? Tired, overwhelmed and still not achieving your dreams? Then look no further; the key to your higher self is between these pages!
Now is the time for each woman of the world to take pride in themselves and to shift to a primeval paradigm that introduces the perception of themselves as divine beings endowed with the best of human qualities. The Secret Key to Women Empowerment–30 Days to Master Your Life will show you the way! Self-Empowerment inspires women to break the chains that have kept women suppressed and unable to see their true beauty and power.
Boundless Benefits:
•Unlimited potential
•Abundance & prosperity
•No more roller coaster rides
Many of us do not realize our innate qualities and potential, feel insecure, fearful and empty, and suffer from under-achievement due to social conditioning and old dogmatic belief systems. Studies show that 4 in 5 women feel suppressed, confused or suffering from low self-esteem. Lack of Self-Empowerment is the cause of all miseries in your life and in the world.
The Secret is within your grasp! Easy daily Empowerment Tips and Practices will lead you to become the woman that you have always wanted to be.
This book includes a 30 days daily action planner that will help you to keep you on track and evaluation form to assess your progress.
Women constitute more than 50% of the population in the world. In fact, we are the backbone of the society. We face more challenges in balancing work, family life, relationships, community and personal fulfillment than any generation of women before us! Because we have an inherent desire in our souls for “more” we have taken on many more responsibilities, while still trying to maintain the more traditional roles we saw our mother’s live. It is truly a daunting task to be “all things to all people.”
Do you want to take control…grab your life by the horns and break your chains in 30 days?! This book is for you.
The time is NOW. Take 1st step to chart your destiny!
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Note: The proceeds generated by the sale of this book are donated to charitable and social activities.


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About The Author

satyaSatya Kalra has been a practitioner of meditation and spiritual teacher for over 35 years. With masters in biochemistry, organic chemistry and business, Satya expertly balances the disciplines of science and spirituality with a very grounded and practical application in daily life. Her approach is gentle and subtle, yet the results she attains with her students and audiences are transformative and profound.

Satya has served as co-chairperson of the Geeta Conference on “Reconnecting Spirituality and Technology” at Stanford University. She is also a founder of the non-profit organization Path to Anandam, focusing on aid and self-reliance for impoverished women and children.

In addition to her many global speaking and teaching engagements, Satya is the bestseller author of “Yoga Beyond Asana.” She is also the author of several books, including “My Questions & God’s Answers,” “Enjoy Worry Free 30 Days,” “Lasting Forever: Birth, Death and Beyond,” and “108 Mantras to Awaken Your Soul.” More. >>>