Our Causes

Path to Anandam™ is a spiritual and non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting humanity through Anandam consciousness.

Our mission is to guide individuals to discover their untapped abundance, eternal happiness, and peace within and reach their unlimited potential.

At Path to Anandam, we are guided by the principle of: “Manav Seva is Madhav Seva” (Service to Humanity is Service to Almighty) thus spreading Anandam, Eternal Happiness, and Peace in society.

We believe in the fundamental principle of empowering and helping people to explore their hidden potentials and becoming self-dependent and self-reliant

We offer programs and resources for self-discovery and self-transformation for disadvantaged individuals and communities.
Our non-profit organization “Path to Anandam” supports many philanthropic causes and also partners with other organizations with similar goals:

  • Women and Children: We offer education, inspiration, spiritual and cultural development, holistic health care and shelter for those in need. Path to Anandam has joined hands with Divine Shakti, which holistically provides for the well-being of of women, their children, and orphaned/abandoned children. Together we design and implement programs to support women and children to be socially and financially self-sustaining. The partnership will raise awareness of the problems facing women and children through education and mass communication.

Donate TODAY to Path to Anandam so that we can support these incredibly important causes and make a lasting change in the world today and for the generations to come.