Forgiveness & Healing

Forgiving Others and Yourself, and Asking for Forgiveness, are the Paths to Eternal Happiness/Bliss/Anandam and God’s grace.

Are you feeling guilty of things you may have done in the past or resentful of what others may have done to you? Are there people in your life that you have never forgiven? Is the pain and poison from those past experiences still within you? Did you bury the feelings deep within you, or fully process them and let them go?

If your pain is still there, left unresolved, then symptoms will show up in your life experience:

  • You may find yourself emotionally triggered or highly judgmental of others.
  • You may get physically sick from carrying the emotional poison.
  • You may find the painful experience repeating itself again and again in other forms.

These are sure signs that you have unresolved pain, blame, guilt, shame, abandonment or trauma. These are sure signs that you need to forgive someone, or yourself.

Every time you get emotionally triggered by someone else and you judge them harshly, then this is a projection of your unresolved pain. If you’re mad at your boss, partner, friend, an organization or someone on the street, that is only a projection of the poison still inside you.

However, you are not alone. Many people are still holding to their past remorse, hurt and negative feelings that affect their health, happiness, relationship.

When you choose to forgive, you are choosing to release your poison.

And with that change in your inner vibrations, you’ll start attracting a whole lot more success into your life!

In our Forgiveness & Healing programs, we will teach you step by step process on how to stop blaming, forgive, let go, and heal yourself. You will raise your conscious level, start enjoying your life to the fullest and experience the true love, relationships, health, happiness and peace. 

You will learn:

Q. What is the True Meaning and the Science of Forgiveness?
Q. Why should I forgive?
Q. How to Forgive?

    • 5 – Simple Steps to Forgiveness
    • Follow Action Plan to Forgive
    • Forgiveness Guided Meditation

Q. Power and Benefits of Forgiveness?

To me, forgiveness means giving away/letting go your resentment, hurt, hatred, guilt and negative feeling. Forgive = For + give = give away for your good (your hurt, resentment).

It gives you the freedom/liberation from all the negativity. You feel liberated. You find a beautiful, loving, happy, wholesome, true being within. You experience love and peace within and are ready to share with others. This is the POWER OF FORGIVENESS.

Happy Forgiveness & Friendship Day! Forgive & Forget Satya Kalra


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