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A Blissful Journey through 7 Wonders of the SoulUltimate Happiness Health & Chakras

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The Ultimate Happiness Health & Chakras is not only a work of art, it contains all the necessary information for Chakras initiates, offers the perfect thought-provoking quote just at the right time, and, best of all, it is packaged as an easy-peasy 30-day reading project with a Daily Planner to put the wisdom and science into action. This book will allow you to gain a greater sense of you personal consciousness, and will allow you to awaken your mind to many possibilities ”
“Ariana Irizarry”

Do you wish to improve the quality of your life and achieve happiness and health? Then this Anandam pocket book, Ultimate Happiness Health & Chakras is for you! This visually stunning book is a bridge between spirituality and science that will lead you on the path of the ultimate happiness and health. The ancient science of Chakras and modern medical science are united to help you understand and practice their unbelievable power and influence upon our lives.

Chakras are the invisible spinning spiritual energy centers in our body. They govern our happiness, health and spiritual well-being. Chakras act in balance. When they are imbalanced, one could develop physical, emotional disorders that causes disharmony in our body, mind and soul.

The purpose of this book, Ultimate Happiness Health & Chakras, is to empower you to balance your Chakras, heal your body, mind and spirit, and tap into your inner selves and happiness.

All the principles, your True-Being, Chakras and Kundalini Energy/Anandamayi Shakti, are explained in a reader-friendly format, to ensure you will enjoy this trip inside yourself as you realize the ultimate purpose of your life, by knowing yourself and finally answering the famous question “Who am I?.”

This book contains an introduction to Chakras, their locations, spiritual qualities, causes and symptoms of imbalances, as well as how to activate, balance and heal your Chakras. It also includes:

  • Color graphics illustrating each step to make the process easy to understand.
    • A daily planner to help track your progress as you practice
    • Step-by-step guide of techniques:
    • How to practice and heal physical, mental, and emotional ills through the energies of each Chakra
    • Self-awakening and divine state of existence – your True-Self
    • Divine Power, Self-Expression, and Psychic-Intuitive Power
    • Divine Love, Peace and Infinite Bliss, “Sat Chit Ananda”
    • Oneness of Body-Mind-Soul
    • The Ultimate Happiness & Health – your Total Well-being/Pure Infinite Bliss
    • Sharing the Pure Bliss with others.

No more negativity. No more stress. No more pain in your life. This book most definitively deserves the title as Blissful Journey through the 7 Wonders of the Soul.
Now, it is up to you. Will you experience the possibilities it offers to you?

Note: The proceeds generated by the sale of this book are donated to charitable and social activities.


This is a five-star book, written by a five-star woman. Satya Kalra not only teaches life-changing principles in her book, she lives them in her personal life. Run, don’t walk, to purchase this wonderful book!

This is a complete, thorough, and fascinating journey through the Chakras. You can tell by her work that she has been developing her understanding through decades of studying and practicing the ancient techniques to awaken the Chakras and therefore, able to convey it in a clear, concise manner. If you read her bio, you can see how her many years in the biotech field builds a connection between science and spirituality and brings the ancient knowledge of India to modern man/woman.

The techniques in this book are profound and very useful. She emphasizes the AUM (or OM) mantra to bring healing and harmony to the chakras (body, mind, and spirit). If used properly this mantra is POWERFUL and can truly connect us with the divine. She also talks about asanas, pranayama, foods, DNA, and gives you invaluable tools for transformation.

This book is for everyone! I keep it with me as a guide book for a Chakra pick-me-up or just as a reminder for raising my consciousness. This handbook for the Chakras is a must-have for anyone’s library. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Satya Kalra’s messages come from deep within to better the lives of individuals worldwide. Her very essence allows people to learn more about ultimate happiness and chakras. This book will allow you to gain a greater sense of you personal consciousness, and will allow you to awaken your mind to many possibilities. I would definitely pick up a copy of this book. Allow yourself to explore your inner consciousness, and allow Satya Kalra to raise up your soul to a wonderful place.

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About The Author

satyaSatya Kalra is a 12 times bestselling author, happiness and self-transformational coach, meditation expert and spiritual guide. She is the former CEO from Biotech Industry in the Cancer arena and founder of the non-profit organization Path to Anandam.

For over 35 years, Satya has been unfolding her understanding of higher consciousness and supreme health and happiness through meditations and studying the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutra’s.

Satya, popularly known for the Anandam Lifestyle (Blissful Living), has been engaged in promoting awareness, teaching the practice and applications of spirituality in daily life to improve total Wellness.

For 25 enriching years, she has been teaching how to attain eternal happiness and peace within and how to reach your unlimited potential by raising your conscious level through the ultimate union of Body, Mind and Soul.  She bridges science, spirituality, and practicality with easy, simple, yet very effective techniques and practices.

Satya has coached and trained thousands of people on radio and T.V., at Universities and organizations, as well as entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers and families worldwide.

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