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Satya Karla
Founder and President of Path to Anandam


Satya Kalra is a self-transformation, happiness, empowerment coach, spiritual guide, and 12-time bestselling author. Her work has been studied in many Universities, including University of Illinois, Chicago, Ill. and University of Berkley.

Formerly a CEO in the biotech industry (cancer) and founder of the non-profit organization, Path to Anandam, she has practiced spirituality and meditation over 40 years. For 25 enriching years, she has been teaching people how to attain eternal happiness and peace within.

Satya has coached and helped thousands of people including students, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers and families through her online programs, radio and TV interviews, and at universities, businesses, and organizations worldwide on how to reach their unlimited potential by raising their consciousness through the ultimate union of body, mind, and soul.

Why Happiness and Self-Transformation?
“If we rely on balanced wisdom – old and new, eastern and western, liberal and conservative – we can choose directions in our life that lead to satisfaction, happiness and a sense of purpose.” – Jonathan Haidt.

When most people are asked why they want money, success, a nice house, good relationships, etc. the ultimate and final answer will most likely be, “So that I can be happy.” Feelings of unhappiness (i.e. stress, pain, anger, frustration, resentment) has been proven to cause various diseases in the body-mind.
Ancient wisdom teachings have long since provided a “prescription” of sorts to “cure” unhappiness, and those are the teachings that Path to Anandam is honored to share with the world. Transformation occurs within and can be taught to any and every one.
Happiness expert Satya Kalra states, “If everyone knew the simple steps and techniques for self-Transformation from the inside out- the world would be a more peaceful, loving, and blissful place.


“On my first visit with Satya there was an instant connection and I felt like she just “got it”. Our conversation was about overall wellness and looking at the whole self. The meditation at the end of our visit allowed me to finally clear my mind and experience a stress free body. I now understand more about me, what makes me tick, and how to deal with stress effectively. When you are with Satya, you feel like you are at peace in this crazy world and that is a blessing.”

Hilary DeCesare, CEO & Co-Founder Everloop

“Satya Kalra is an angel on earth. She brings peace wherever it is needed and is called to serve. When I was going through chemo and fighting for my life. She led me through meditations from India via Skype. Satya didn’t even know me, but reached out and helped at a time when I was in absolute terror of dying. Her sole (soul) purpose is to give of herself to others. She is a beautiful soul who I am proud to know in this lifetime.”

Randy Peyse, CEO, Author ONE STOP, INC

“Satya Kalra has been a beacon of light in my life. She is a heart-felt, engaging speaker and a truly enlightened soul whom I adore. Her teachings and coaching has been invaluable in walking my true path with ease and grace. Her books and guidance have made a profound impact on my life and my ability to stay calm and centered in any storm. I highly recommend her teachings.”

Teresa de Grosbois, Founder and Chair, Evolutionary Business Council

“As we travel through life occasionally we meet extraordinary people whom we admire and respect. And then, happily and very rarely, we meet people whom we not only admire and respect, but they are life-changers and planet-changers. Such a woman is Satya Kalra. To say that she re-arranges people’s DNA is an understatement. Satya is a magnificent teacher; a mighty mentor. She is one-of-a-kind in her ability to deeply touch hearts and change lives. I am honored to highly recommend her teachings and her mentorship. Satya is a “Five Star” woman.”
By Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder and CEO, The Women’s Information Network.

About Path to Anandam (Non-Profit Organization)

Path to Anandam™ is a spiritual non-profit organization 501(C) (3) dedicated to help people find their untapped eternal happiness and bliss within. Founded in 2009 by spiritual guide and happiness expert Satya Kalra, Path to Anandam has been serving the global community to achieve success and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

We offer proven, simple, practical techniques, and spiritual practices to transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones of LOVE, PEACE, and ANANDAM (Eternal Bliss)!

Our unique approach to Self-Transformation helps people identify and attain their true purpose in life with our “Triple “A” Strategy” (AAA) – Awareness, Analysis, and Action for correction.

We bridge the wisdom of science and spirituality to offer practical solutions to modern day problems. With our easy to follow, comprehensive, step-by-step programs, seminars, trainings, CD’s, books, online learning and other products for the upliftment of the body, mind, and soul – you can experience our trademark lifestyle -“BLISSFUL LIVING.”

Our various Courses and Topics Include:

• 7-Steps to Everlasting Happiness
• Abundance, Success, and Prosperity
• Anger, Hatred, and Resentment Free Living
• Beyond Birth and Death
• Chakra Alignment
• Self- Empowerment and Self-Esteem
• Stress, Fear and Worry Free Living
• Find and Attain Your True Purpose in Life
• Meditation (12 types)
• Relationships and Love
• Self-Awareness
• Woman’s Wellness
• Connection of Body-Mind-Spirit
• Self-Transformation
• More…

Benefits of Attending Our Programs:
• Become the master of your life
• Attain personal & professional goals
• Banish fear, frustration, and depression
• Freedom from old dogma
• Develop a positive attitude
• Reduced STRESS and worry
• Boost self-confidence
• Physical and emotional healing
• Improved Health
• Attain Empowerment
• Balance your life
• Improved relationships
• Discover & fulfill your life’s purpose

Best-selling books:
Ultimate Happiness, Health, & Chakras – A Blissful Journey Through 7 Wonders of the Soul
My Questions & God’s Answers,
108 Mantras to Awaken Your Soul on Bhagavad Gita
Path to Anandam pocket book series:
Yoga Beyond Asana… the Complete Guide for Blissful Life
Enjoy Worry-Free Life in 30 Days
Lasting Forever–Birth, Death and Beyond
Prosperity Forever through Art of Work

Radio shows: there are about 50 plus shows and videos – see our audio and video galary. (50 plus Radio shows)

Questions you could ask Satya for an interview on:

1. What is Anandam and how do I attain it?
2. What are the Chakras and how can I use them to my benefit?
3. How do I attain success, money, and abundance?
4. What is meditation and how can it work for me?
5. What are the 8 limbs of yoga? I thought it was just a form of exercise.
6. How do I find my true purpose in life?
7. Why is gratitude so important and how does it work?
8. What is the really definition of karma and how can I use it to my benefit?
9. Can anyone really gain enlightenment or Anandam?
10. How to self-discover and self-transform?
11. How to change your negative to positive attitude?
12. How to break the shackle of stress?
13. How to attain everlasting happiness?
14. How spirituality uplift you?
15. How Only 3 steps can create the life you dream for?
16. And many many more…

USA Cell: 925.984.6216
Skype: pathtoanandam