I read “Enjoy Worry free life in 30 days” at a time when I was facing challenges related to health and career issues. Through the wisdom and spiritual awakening that this book offers, I was able to apply the practical approaches recommended by Ms. Kalra, and these have helped me in being able to live in vertical time. In fact, I just passed along the book to a colleague of mine, who will be having surgery, asking her not to feel troubled, since there is a “spiritual” recipe to allay her fears and worries. –Dr. Philipp Novales-Li, Livermore, CA. USA


“I would like to tell you that my sister is a single mother of two with a fulltime job. She was constantly stressed out thinking and worrying about running the house. This was until she read your book “Worry free life in 30 days”. She took upon the task of working regularly on the daily spiritual planner given at the end of your book. She was taken on a spiritual journey that transformed her into a wholesome person.” – USA


I went through this beautiful compilation. The thing which I like most about this book is the key point from Gita and all other spiritual leaders explained in a simple & beautiful way without losing the essence. I am sure if we follow the way it is designed we will be benefitted. Once again I thank Satyaji for this wonderful compilation. This will definitely help me in my Handy Guide. – Ravi Subramanian USA


“Enjoy Worry free life in 30 days” – spiritual planner is the best part of the book. I use it every day, it keeps me on track. Thanks for creating one. – Guddi, USA


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