“We help Uplift Humanity and propagate Divinity”


At Path to Anandam, we offer:

  • A scientific approach to dealing with new-age and old-age problems
  • Simple and easy Anandam techniques for self-transformation at the root level proven by ancient yogis and our own experiences
  • Access to inspirational and thought-provoking reflections

Path to Anandam guides and helps you in the following ways

  • We help you realize your True-Self and True-Nature (Who Am I?)
  • We help you reprogram your pre-conditioned mind to explore newer dimensions
  • We help you take ownership of your actions without blaming others
  • We help you remove negative emotions and old habits (anxiety, anger, worry, resentment, negative attitude, fear, stress, insomnia etc.)
  • We help you develop Self-confidence
  • We help you develop noble qualities (Forgiveness, Contentment, Honesty, Love etc.)
  • We help you build better relationships
  • We help you unite your self with the Higher-Self (God) and attain eternal happiness and peace

Thus, Path to Anandam leads you to a process of self-mentoring in your quest for everlasting happiness and peace.