Today, everyone wants to be prosperous, rich and famous. However, we must understand what prosperity really means? What prevents us from attaining it? How can I become prosperous? “Prosperity Forever, Through Art of Work” answers all these questions and also guides step-by-step how to become prosperous and maintain it forever through the art of work and how to perform action righteously to be successful in life. You will also learn to develop self-awareness, self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment. This is the key to Eternal Happiness, a Peaceful and Prosperous life. With the help of this simple Path to Anandam guide with 30 points to practice, you will go through a spiritual journey and learn to enjoy your daily life, reach your unlimited potential and attain Everlasting Prosperity and Peace.

Day 1

What is Prosperity?
Prosperity is the state of being prosperous,
successful, thriving or wealthy. Prosperity is
not something you have; it is something you
are. By definition, it is a state of being
rather than amassing of what you can buy,
or store, or covet or lose.

Money and possessions are not your real
prosperity; they come and go. They are temporary.
Your Eternal Happiness is your prosperity.
Your good health is your prosperity.
Your self-satisfaction is your prosperity.
Your self-contentment is your prosperity.
Your health, wealth and wisdom (abundance) is
your prosperity.
Your real prosperity is your Eternal Happiness and
Peaceful life —Anandam.
Money and mansions are not the only wealth. Hoard
the wealth of the Spirit. Good character is wealth, good
conduct is wealth, and spiritual wisdom is wealth.
— Atharva Veda
Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just
having money or things. Poverty is a way of living and
thinking and not just a lack of money or things.
—Eric Butterworth
Day 29
Develop Awareness,
Ask Questions
Every action has a consequence,
“Cause and Effect”
One should not work just to fulfill one’s
egoistic desires. Rather, one should work to
attain and achieve the purpose of one’s own
life and realize one’s own true nature,
“Sat Chit Ananda”
– Eternal Happiness, Peace and Prosperity.

Awareness is the key to Righteous Action
The true nature of action is very difficult to understand.
Therefore, one must be able to fully discriminate and
understand what is Karma (action that binds), what is
Akarma (action that does not bind and leads to Eternal
Peace and Prosperity), and also what is Vikarma
(forbidden action). (G.4.17)
Before taking any action, you must ask yourself :
lWhy am I doing it?

Prosperity and fulfill the purpose of my life?
Will this action increase my ego, attachment, greed,
and desires?
Am I doing it for name and fame?
Will it calm my mind or disturb it?
Will it enhance my Eternal Happiness and Peace
(Shanti) or disturb me more (Ashanti)?
If any answers to the aforementioned questions are
not favorable, please do not proceed with the action.
Every action must lead us to Eternal Prosperity,
Peace and Purpose of Life.

Just for Today
Just for Today, I take full responsibility of my actions
I have faith in myself and Almighty
I give more and expect less
I let go of all my worries
I respect myself and others
I love myself and others
I think positive
I speak the truth
I thank others
I enjoy myself and smile
I meditate and pray
I relax
I am happy,
I am peaceful
I am prosperous…