“Prosperity Forever” is fantastic. It gives you the tools to become prosperous in the external world as well as the insight to grow internally. The daily planner also helps chart your progress toward everlasting prosperity and happiness. I highly recommend.

Shawne Duperon “Networking, Gossip & Media Ex…


The Power to Create Comes From Within
Satya’s “Prosperity Forever” is an easy to understand yet powerful guide that helps you create the happiness, health and prosperity you deserve. Before you can built it – you must think it. Speed up the process so you can achieve Prosperity Forever.

Tracy Repchuk “Entrepreneurx6”


A Must Read!,
“Prosperity Forever” is a wonderful, inspiring book that reminds us that true prosperity is a state of being that stems from our connection with all that is. It is a beautifully written daily guide that focuses on happiness, health, and a love of who you truly are.

Jennifer L Hough


A motivating daily guide,

Prosperity Forever is a simple daily guide to attaining real prosperity. It was delightful to see that Satya looked at prosperity from such a broad sense including health, happiness, wisdom, peace….not just wealth. This book provides daily wisdom and actions to thrive and build a prosperous life. The book ends with a beautiful poem reminding readers of what they can do just for today. thank you Satya for bringing awareness and simple daily changes we can make in our lives to truly be prosperous forever.

Charmaine Hammond Author, On Toby’s Terms


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