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New Way of Looking at Yoga
This beautifully designed book outlines step- by -step instructions to find peace of mind, remove self limiting beliefs and increase happiness within. A whole new way of looking at yoga! by Charmaine Hammond Author, On Toby’s Terms


A Must Read Book
I was curious about the spiritual link to yoga. My questions were answered by reading “Yoga Beyond Asana… The Complete Guide to Blissful Life. by Marilyn Suttle


A must-read book
Inspirational and thought provoking, Yoga Beyond Asana…made me realize what I was seeking from my yoga practice was that inner bliss that comes from the ancient wisdom of YOGA. by Pragito Dove


Yoga Is Not Exercise, It’s a Multidmentional Transformational Journey…
PHENOMENAL little book that is a must READ for anyone who wants a new yoga perspective. Yoga Beyond Asana… by Coach Laura


Fantastic! This little book, Yoga Beyond Asana… will have a BIG impact on your yoga practice. Satya Kalra has imbued this beautifully illustrated gem with sage wisdom of the ages… by Tamara Green, Love Mentor


Thank you for the clarity and simplicity
For anyone who has wanted to start on a spiritual path but you didn’t know where to begin…now you do. by Debra Poneman


Release the Blocks to Inner Peace & Connection with God
This book is a must read for any human being who desires to expand in their ability to access inner peace, love and connection with God. by Lauren E Miller


Founder of Know Soul’s Language
This book really allows you to understand how Yoga is a spiritual practice and can be a key part of creating a blissful life. Published 1 month ago by Jennifer Urezzio


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