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Oct 15.2010 – 7th day of NAVRATRI

Day 1 : Eat Good/sattvic food
Day 2
:  Keep Good Company. (Prayers and Bhajans)
Day 3
: Think Good. Feel Good (Positive thinking) (Thinking of Ma and Her Love toward us)
Day 4
: Speak Good . No ill talk or gossip. Practice silence.Day 5:  See Good. Practice goodness. (No blaming. Take full responsibility of your action)
Day 6
: Hear Good
Day 7
: Do Good. Help others and  share your Love with them
Day 8
: Go good. Visit Temple, Homeless shelters, Senior citizens etc.
Day 9
: Total Surrender ! Let Go ! Thank Lord ! Worship Kanjake, as a symbol of purity/pure love ( Ram Navami —  birth of  light.)
Day 10
: Ravana is killed! Our Ego is killed !

Feel that I am Liberated !!!

“Jai Mat Di”

For detail article-Navratri is More Than just Celebration and Worshipping Divine Mother


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