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“Geeta is a Spiritual guide for healthy mind, healthy body and Peaceful life.”

Today, we hear that the body, mind and spirit must be connected with each other to achieve health, wealth and prosperity (abundance). What does that really mean? In order to answer this, we must understand what is Body? What is Mind? What is Spirit? What is their relationship with each other and how do these interact with one another to create health, wealth and prosperity. What disconnects them? How do we reconnect them? How do we know which one needs our attention—our body, our mind or our Spirit? What are the benefits of connecting them? How do we apply them in our daily life?

Healthy body ↔ Healthy mind → Stress Free Life ↔ Spirit

Body: Body is the foundation for life and means for action. It is called Deha (that is burnt). Another name for the body is Shareera, which means “subject to change and decay.” It is also called Kshetra/ Field (of action). It is made up of 24 elements and its modifications (five basic elements many different senses and their objects, mind, intellect, consciousness or ego etc) (Geeta 13.05-06). It is immutable and transitory (Geeta 2.18), however, it is the abode for Atma. Therefore, it is regarded as a Kavacham (Armor) that protects the indwelling spirit.

“Body is a moving temple and Spirit resides in it.”

The Divine Spirit is installed in the temple of the body therefore; one should make the body a pure shrine for the divine. It must be pure internally and externally. Senses: The senses (Eye, ear, tongue, nose and, skin) are very powerful. If they are not controlled they could divert the mind and intellect of an individual in an improper direction. Restless senses forcibly carry away the mind of even a wise person striving for perfection. O Arjuna. (2.60) The mind, when controlled by the roving senses, steals away the intellect as a storm takes away a boat on the sea from its destination — the spiritual shore. (Geeta 2.67)

“When the mind is controlled by senses the downfall of an individual follows.”

Therefore, all of the senses must be controlled (Geeta 2.58) and used only for self-purification, self-transformation and to reach the Supreme Goal of life (Self-Realization) as done by yogis. The Karma-yogis perform action, without selfish attachment, with their body, mind, intellect and senses only for the sake of self-purification. (Geeta 5.11) Mind: “Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts and a memory bank of sanskaras (past memories) and a means of cognition.” However, it is very restless in nature, turbulent, powerful, stubborn and hard to control. (Geeta 6.33-34, 6.36) However, the mind is the master of the senses and a human being it could be one’s best friend or worst enemy that could lead one to either a lower or a higher self: One must lift himself by himself and not degrade himself. The self alone is his friend and self alone is his enemy. For him, who has conquered his self (Lower self) by the self. (Higher Self), his self is a friend but for one, who has not conquered his self his self is an enemy. (Geeta 6.05-06) Mind is an enemy when it develops and continues to manifest bad thoughts: Negative/bad thoughts lead to disturbance within oneself and in the society. Bad Thoughts → Sick Mind→ Sick body → Sick Society→ Disturbances in the world Mind is a friend when it develops good thoughts: Good thoughts lead to Peace within, in the society and in the world. Good thoughts → Pleasant Speech → Good Action → Inner peace and good health → Peace in the society and in the world

“It all starts with one’s mind.” “Hell and Heaven are here, misery of mind is hell and serenity of mind is heaven.”

Therefore one must put sincere efforts to purify his mind and develop pure thoughts by austerity of thoughts (Mind). Intellect: (Buddhi): Intellect is the means for discrimination and decision-making. The human body is a chariot, the sense organs are the horses, the mind is the reins and intellect (Buddhi) is the charioteer. The chariot (Body) may be beautiful, however it depends on the horses (Sense organs), the horses depend on the firmness of the reins (Mind), however, they all depend on the charioteer (Buddhi/Intellect). “Antarvaani” (Inner voice) is another name for the buddhi. Man is guided by this inner voice in the conduct of his life. However, intellect tends to be covered by ego (Ahankara), senses and mind. The buddhi is very close to the Atma and therefore directly receives 90% of the Atmic energy and illumination. The mind derives its energy from the buddhi, the senses from the mind, and the body from the senses. In this process of the flow of energy from the Atma to the body is in stages, a gradual reduction of the energy (quantitative and qualitative) occurs. The purity of the Atma is gradually contaminated as it passes through the buddhi, the mind, the senses and finally to the body. However, it is possible, through our own efforts to minimize the contamination of intellect by sanctifying and purifying our intellect (Buddhi) and by facilitating the direct influence of the buddhi on the body and mind. Spirit: (Soul, Atma, Pure, Super-conscious, Absolute, Truth, God)

“Spirit is the driving/divinity force of the body.”
The invisible Spirit is eternal. Weapons do not cut Self/Spirit (Atma), fire does not burn Her, (Fire-proof), water does not wet Her, (Water-proof), and the wind does not dry Her. Atma is all-pervading, unchanging, Immovable, and Primeval. (Geeta 2.17, 2.23-24)

A person is made of Body, Mind, Intellect (Buddhi) and Spirit (Atma). All these are required for a man to function properly and lead a wholesome life. Therefore, these must be connected with each other to experience divinity within (Higher self, Self–Realization/Supreme Goal of life). Any disconnection from each other will lead to degradation of a man to animal level (Lower-self). Q. What is the relationship among body, mind and Spirit? The working senses are said to be higher than the body; the mind is higher than the senses; the intellect is still higher than the mind; but Atma (Spirit, Self) is even higher than the intellect. (Geeta 3.42)

“Mind is just in the middle; it could be pulled down or uplifted.”
Bad Thoughts will pull the mind down and good thought will uplift it.

Everything depends upon Mind (Self). Therefore the contamination and deterioration of the mind can be controlled by intellect through spiritual practices, eliminating negative thoughts, developing positive thinking and controlling our senses (Self-purification and Self-transformation).

“Geeta is a Spiritual guide for Healthy mind, healthy body and Peaceful life.”

Q. What disconnects Body, Mind and Spirit? 5+2 Enemies (Impurities such as attachment, desire, anger, greed, arrogance, jealousy and hatred) are the causes for disconnection of body, mind and spirit. One develops attachment to sense objects by thinking about them. From attachment arises desire for them. From unfulfilled desires comes anger. From anger comes delusion; from delusion confusion of memory; from disappearance of memory and bewildering mind; reasoning (Discrimination) is destroyed. When reasoning is destroyed, one falls from right path. (Geeta 2.62-63) Attachment → Desires → Unfulfilled → Anger and Jealousy (Stress) → Loss of Memories and Discrimination Attachment → Desires → Fulfilled→ Greed and Ego (Stress) → Loss of Memories and Discrimination When one’s mind is full of doubts, negative emotional conflicts, anger, fear, attachment, ego, greed and desires etc, he looses his memories, his discrimination power between good and bad; and right and wrong, and can not make any proper decision. He becomes extremely distressed (Vishad.) He can not even listen to his inner voice of intellect and looses the touch with his spirit. His judgment is tarnished and his actions are impure, and thus the down fall in his life and journey to hell starts. As Arjuna, who was the most brilliant and great worrier, had been trained to skillfully fight the war yet he became anguished, dejected and went into a state of confusion and dilemma, experienced deep sorrow (Vishad) and lay down his arms and refused to fight (fulfill his own duty).

“Human mind under lot of stress gets overwhelmed and confused.”

Q. How to connect Body, Mind and Spirit? Bhagavad-Gita calls on humanity to dedicate mind, body and soul to purity.” Mahatma Gandhi

Purity → Divinity → Unity
In human nature, there are two forces working together, one leads toward God and other towards ignorance. The individual, who is ignorant of Soul, lives in body consciousness due to his three gunas. However, the one who is aware of Supreme spirit, lives in God consciousness and dedicates his life to attain God. Since we know the major barriers to connect Body, Mind and Spirit are our own impurities (The cause of our problem/5+2 Enemies, emotions and behaviors). The solution is very clear; first, we should simply remove all our impurities within (Self-Purification and Self-Transformation) by self- discipline and self- development and connect with spirit. However this requires constant practice.

“Purity of mind, speech and body (Triple purity) is the pathway to Self-Transformation and Self-Realization.”

Q. How to Self-Purify and Self-Transform by Reprogramming of the mind: Mind and Intellect could be Purify by removing the impurities and old sanskaras (old habits) of the mind by substituting the old pattern and thoughts with positive thoughts and divine qualities as followings: 1. Practice austerity of Mind, Speech and Body and senses:

  • Best use of thoughts: Austerity of mind leads to positive thoughts and equanimity (Serenity of mind, calmness) that lead to union with Supreme spirit/God (Yoga). Serenity of mind (self-Satisfaction, cheerfulness), gentleness, silence, equanimity, self-control and purity of mind (Thoughts) are called the austerity of mind (17.16)
  • Best use of Speech and Tongue: Speech that is non-offensive (causes no pain and agitation to others), truthful, pleasing, beneficial, used for the regular study of scriptures and recitation of His name is called the austerity of speech. (17.15)
  • Best use of body, Tapas, Penance: Worship of demi-gods (Devas), learned men, the guru, and the wise (elderly like parents), purity (cleanliness), straightforwardness, celibacy and non-violence are called the austerity of body (Geeta 17.14)

2. Practice Goodness (Karma Yoga): We must use our body and senses only to attain the Supreme goal of life (Self-Realization) and our every activity must lead to our goal.

We should not see evil but see only good. We should not hear evil but hear only good. We should not speak evil but speak only good. We should not think evil but think only good. We should not do evil but do only good. Sathya Sai Baba

3. Control the desires: “Worldly desires create disasters” (Geeta 3.43) 4. Lead spiritual and a balanced life style: Balanced life is mandatory for Yoga (Union with God), therefore, maintain healthy body, healthy mind and then they could be connected with Spirit. (Geeta 6.17)

“Every activity of the body and mind must lead to the Supreme Goal of Life (Self-Salvation, Self – Realization)”

5. Focus on God (Always live in God’s consciousness): Always fix your mind on Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me and bow down to Me (surrender) thus uniting yourself to Me (Yoga) and setting Me as your Supreme goal, you will certainly come to Me. (Geeta 9.34) Therefore, after practicing austerities (Tapas) and other spiritual practices, one qualifies to attain oneness of body, mind and spirit. (Geeta 18.51-53) 7-Steps Action Plan to connect Body-Mind-Spirit through Self-Purification and Self-Transformation: “Geeta is a step by step spiritual guide to connect body, Mind and Spirit through Self-Purification and Self-Transformation (Attain Love, Peace and Anandam)” A. Set the Supreme Goal of life to connection of body-mind-spirit (Self – Realization). B. Transcend from three gunas (Modes of nature, attributes/ old habits) (Geeta 2.43) by developing divine qualities and eliminating bad qualities through spiritual practices.

  1. Must keep divine Company (3Gs: 1.Guru, 2.Geeta, 3.Gopal) and always communicate with Him (like your friend)
  2. Study Geeta or any other scriptures and practice their teachings (Knowledge Yoga)
  3. Do Selfless Service with love and devotion without any expectation of fruit of action (Karma Yoga)
  4. “Love All Serve All” Satya Sai Baba (Bhakti Yoga)
  5. Maintain healthy body, healthy mind and connect with Supreme Soul by doing Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation (Focus on God/ Supreme Spirit and always live in His consciousness).
  6. Unconditionally SURRENDER to Him. (Geeta 18.66)
  7. Practice everyday and follow the daily spiritual planner.

Have faith and patience, do not be so hard on yourself; He will take care of us. (Geeta 18.66) Relax, Relax….. Do your best and let go, let go……

“Spirituality is not an activity but it is a lifestyle and a life time commitment.”

Benefits of Connecting Body, Mind and Spirit:

  1. He attains, “Happiness, Peace and Anandam” (Geeta 18.54)
  2. He is liberated from bondage of karma. (Geeta 5.07)
  3. He becomes WISE and very dear to God. (Geeta 7.17), (12.20)
  4. He develops divine qualities. Divine qualities (Transcendental Qualities) lead to Liberation e.g. Fearless, Faith, Contentment, Love/Compassion, Satya, Nonviolence, Forgiveness, etc. (Geeta 16.01-03, 16.05)
  5. He attains the Supreme state of freedom (Highest Perfection). (Geeta 18.49)
  6. God grants His devotees the knowledge. (Geeta 10.10)
  7. Develop Equanimity, “Serenity of mind is called Yoga and calmness of mind is a sign of spirituality”(Geeta 2.48)
  8. He is enlightened: When one is completely free from all desires of the mind, feels satisfaction in the self alone (Eternal Being), then he is called an enlightened person, (Pure Transcendental Consciousness, Sthita-Prajna, Equinimious) O Arjuna. (Geeta 2.55)
“One merges with One and becomes One”

Summary of Process of connecting body-Mind-Spirit and Befits: Self-Purification →Self-Transformation → Divine Qualities (Purity) → Dear to God →Self-Knowledge (WISDOM) → Calmness/Equinimious → Enlightened → God/Self-Realization (Liberation, Moksha, Nirvana) Healthy Mind & Healthy Body → SPIRIT → Love, Peace and Anandam (Within/ Unity with Divinity) → Family → society → World (Self-Realization) Oneness is- Oneness of Body, Mind & Spirit Oneness of Head, Heart &Hand Oneness of Thought, Speech & Action Oneness of Karma, Bhakti & Jnana Yoga Oneness of Action, Devotion &Knowledge Yoga Oneness of External and Internal world Oneness of Guru, Geeta and God Oneness of Love, Peace and Anandam


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