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Path To Anandam
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Sung by Lord Krishna for us to singe very moment of our life


Gita is a Royal Road to Liberation

Gita is a Guide to the Art of Right Living

Gita is a Spiritual Instruction Manual to operate our Life

Gita is a Answer to Every Question

Gita is a Boat to Cross the Ocean of Life

Gita is the Ocean of Knowledge

Gita is a Sarathi (Divine Company)

Gita is a Peace Ambassador

Gita is a Universal Mother

Gita is a Character Builder

Gita is an Eternal Mantra

Gita is an Atmadershani

Gita is a Spiritual Guide

Gita is a Transformer

Gita is a Jagat Guru

Gita is a Mirror

Gita is a Purifier

Gita is the Light Within

The word Gita means song and Bhagavad means God, hence,
Bhagavad –Gita is called the ‘Song of God’.



Note: Part of the text is taken from the book “My questions and God’s Answers” The guide to Eternal, Happiness, Peace and Anandam (BHAGAVAD GITA) by Satya kalra. For details please visit You are welcome to download chapter 12 of Bhagavad Gita from our website that is taken from the book “My questions and God’s Answers

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