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Path To Anandam
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Spiritually Empowered Woman

The spiritually empowered woman, she is enriched with inner strength and self-esteem.


As she has rediscovered herself though awakening her consciousness, she knows


how to move through the world with power and grace.


She knows now her worth and her divine qualities; she is the planet of faith.


She knows now how much to give and how much to take by choice NOT by force.


As her life is her own creation, she lives with self-confidence and self-worth.


She has power to speak the truth with courage and strength.


As she has realized the Divine Power of the Goddess within, she knows


how to face the challenges of life with NO fear.


She knows now she is the wisdom of mankind and powerhouse to enrich the world.


She, like a Universal Mother, is chosen by God to bring forth new life


because she is loving, caring and sharing.


As she is Divine Shakti herself, she knows what she wants,


she lives by choices Not by chances.


The spiritually empowered woman is no longer a poor woman,


she is full of  Love, Peace and Anandam.

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