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When we are worried, our minds spin out of control, often creating “worst-case scenarios” that in a calm state we know would NEVER happen.

The heart races, breathing becomes shallow and heavy and we panic.

Sometimes we might try to distract ourselves with shopping, eating junk food, or worse habits of smoking or drinking; all to no avail, even worsening our worry.

In order to get back to ourselves it can often be helpful to recite a mantra….

AUM: Source of all sounds that creates Union with Self/Oneness


AUM is infinite divinity/Divine Shakti/Supreme Power


AUM is conscious, sub-conscious and Super-Consciousness


AUM is ultimate awareness


AUM is your inner voice


AUM is your real name


AUM is you


AUM is me


AUM is all in one and one in all!


AUM is Love, Peace and Anandam


AUM is Anandamayi Shakti

According to LORD KRISHNA‘s advice in the Bhagavad Gita, “Reciting the Aum mantra with every breath is the simplest method to reprogramming and self-transformation of mind”. Through constant recitation of Aum mantra and Anandamayi meditation, it generates Anandamayi energy/the divine energy that purifies our being. All improper things such as disease, ailment, weakness, impotency, laziness, and negativity will leave us and we will be filled with divine shakti of Aum-the Ananadmayi Shakti- Anandam, “Sat Chit Anandam”.

What is your favorite mantra?  AND  How do you reprogram during worry-filled moments?

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