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“Valentine´s Day Meditation and Prayers”

Saint Valentine`s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is the day of expressing love and affection. On this day,near and dear ones usually express their love for one another by presenting flowers, candies, sweets, and sending greeting cards. Valentine`s Day is symbolized by the shape of a heart, red roses, red color, doves, and winged Cupid. This brings to mind a profound saying:

True love begins when nothing is looked for in return –Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Let us extend our love to everyone in the world through meditation and prayers…..

  1. Let us sit quietly,close our eyes gently, and focus our mind on the center of our heart. Feel the unconditional and selfless love (as mother has for her child) flowing from your heart, and is continuously expanding.
  2. Now, send your unconditional and selfless love to your parents, spouse, children, siblings, friends, relatives, neighbors and anyone who has come into your life.
  3. Send your unconditional and selfless love to Mother Earth, and all the living beings, the plants, the mountains, the rivers, the oceans, and the entire world.
  4. Let us pray to the Almighty, “O Lord, please grant   Everlasting  Love, Peace and Happiness to all our family members, friends, and everyone in the world. Let there be feelings of compassion among all human being. Please make me Your messenger in spreading Your unconditional and selfless love to the entire world.”
Attaining and spreading the love, peace and happiness to others is the very purpose of our life..
In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says: No other service is dearest to me than this; nor will there be anyone on the earth dearer to Me than he. (Gita.18.69)

May the Almighty fill your Valentine´s Day and every day with Everlasting Love, Peace, and Happiness — Anandam.

“Happy Valentine´s Day to you and your loved one”
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