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The Path to Anandam team is really excited to invite you to Sevathon-2013, a walkathon event organized by India Community Center). This is our first year running in Sevathon, a humble effort to raise awareness for Path to Anandam, an organization helping in the recovery efforts after the devastating flooding in Northern India.The disaster in Kedarnath and surrounding flood zone are simply heartbreaking. Over 70,000 lives have been impacted – more than 20,000 killed, 20,000 missing, and 30,000 homeless. Entire villages have been drowned and swept away. Here at Path to Anandam, we have been sending our thoughts and prayers to all those impacted by the floods, as well as to all those who are assisting in recovery efforts.

Path to Anandam has created the Ganga Disaster Relief Fund to provide food, shelter, clothing, and medical care for those impacted by the Ganges floods.

Please come join us and have fun at Sevathon, and BE THE HOPE of many!

Sevathon 2013-   5K/10K Walk/Run or Half Marathon
Location Baylands Park, Sunnyvale
Date: Sunday July 14, 7:30am

Our goal is to raise $25,000 through Sevathon.  Please come walk with us and donate!

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THANK YOU for taking time to read and respond to this email and we’re looking forward to your support.

The Path to Anandam Team
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