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“I Want to Be Rich” Most people view prosperity as a stack of money to the left, and they spend most of their time chasing money thinking, “I want to be rich!” In Fiddler on The Roof, the song “If I Were a Rich Man” speaks of all the things one would do with money.    Read More…

“How Do You Define Prosperity?” By Satya Karla – Best Selling Author and Founder of Path to Anandam In today’s world, where everyone wants to be prosperous, rich, and famous and is chasing money, it is important to realize that prosperity is available to everyone. Prosperity is actually your birthright. Yes! You are born with    Read More…

Dear Path to Anandam Friends, New Release Announcement “Prosperity Forever, Through Art of work” (e Book ) ISBN: 978-81-909522-0-0 Path to Anandam is pleased to announce that we have added a new pocket book, “Prosperity Forever, Through Art of work” to our family of Path to Anandam series by Satya Kalra. Prosperity Forever is a    Read More…

Prosperity Forever Today, everyone wants to be prosperous, rich and famous. Contrary to what we may believe, prosperity is available to everyone; we all have a birthright and potential to become prosperous. However, in order to become prosperous, we must understand what prosperity really means. What prevent us from attaining it? How can one become    Read More…

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