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NEWS RELEASE October 29, 2012 Contact: Satya Kalra “YOGA BOOK SKYROCKETS TO 2 AMAZON BESTSELLER LISTS” Danville, CA – Satya Kalra’s revolutionary book, , ” Yoga Beyond Asana: The Complete Guide for Blissful Life“ climbed the Amazon charts to become an international bestseller in record time in both Kindle digital format and in hardcover. With    Read More…

“Yoga is Much More than Asana/Physical Fitness” In our last post on our journey through Yoga is much more than physical exercises/pose, we explored how applying the practices of True Yoga to our daily lives can lead us to blissful life and guide us to the discovery of our own purpose of life. As with    Read More…

Dear Path to Anandam Friends,   “Yoga is Much More than Asana/Physical Fitness”   Yoga beyond Asana Blog Post #1   In our last post we introduced what ”yoga-off-the-mat” means and explored the idea that this “art of right living” or True Yoga is rooted in the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga    Read More…

Dear Path to Anandam Friends, “Yoga is Much More than Asana/Physical Fitness” Pssst! Want to know a secret? There’s more to Yoga than “downward dog” and “sun salutations.” If you’ve been wondering what’s beyond “warrior pose” and are intrigued by what those in the know mean by “Yoga off the mat”, join us as we    Read More…

Dear Path to Anandam Friends, Namaste! Path to Anandam is pleased to announce the release of a new book, “Yoga Beyond Asana…the Complete Guide for Blissful Life”,which joins our family of the Path to Anandam Pocket Book Series by Satya Kalra. March 1, 2012 “Yoga Beyond Asana…” made its debut at the International Yoga Festival    Read More…

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