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Oct 14 .2010 – 6th day of NAVRATRI Dear All “Happy Navratri and Mother Goddess shower you with divine qualities.” “Divinequalitiesarequalitiesofdivinityandpurity” Righteousness Cheerfulness Courage Discrimination Love/Compassion Satya/ Truthfulness Detachment Forgiveness Patience “Jai Mat Di” For more articles and blog,please Visit: would love to get your comments

Dear All “Happy Navratri and May Maa shower you with self-awareness. (Sathya Sai Baba) For detail article-Navratri is More Than just Celebration and Worshipping Divine Mother Visit:

Oct 12.2010 – 4th day of NAVRATRI Dear All “Happy Navratri and May Maa help you to realize the Ultimate truth, “Sat Chit Ananda.” Maa is Trinity “Durga/Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati” Maa is Courage, Shakti, Pure Energy, Maa is Jyoti, Inner light, Wisdom Maa is Righteousness, Selflessness, Forgiveness Maa is Discrimination, Decision, Detachment Maa is Happiness,    Read More…

Who is Maa? Maa is Love Maa is Shakti Maa is Joyti Maa is Forgiveness Maa is Righteousness Maa is Happiness Maa is Courage Maa is Contentment Maa is Discrimination Maa is Selflessness Maa is Detachment Maa is Wisdom Maa is Bliss Maa is divine Shakti Ma is Peace Maa is Anandam Maa is the    Read More…

Just for 9 Days Just for 9 Days put Maa in your heart Just for 9 Days observe Maa’s Leela Just for 9 Days have faith in Maa and yourself Just for 9 Days forgive yourself and others Just for 9 Days fulfill your duty Just for 9 Days be happy andfearless Just for 9    Read More…

Navratri is More Than just Celebration and Worshipping Maa Navratri is a nine-day-night Puja (worship) of Durga Mata (mother Durga) held twice a year, in March-April and in September-October. The Puja seeks self-purification, self-transformation, and self-realization. Durga Mata possesses divine powers; creative as Brahma, sustainer as Vishnu, and destroyer as Shiva.  She is powerful, fearless,    Read More…

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