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Who We Are

We are a spiritual and non-profit organization. Our core purpose is to guide you to reach your eternal happiness and peace within and live an abundant and blissful life. We give back to society through charitable works and supporting philanthropic causes. We offer courses, programs and resources for self-discovery and self-transformation for people individuals, organization and communities.

Path To AnandamTM

Path to AnandamTM is a spiritual and non-profit organization. The purpose of our organization is to guide you to reach your untapped eternal happiness and peace within – Blissful living.

About Founder

Satya Kalra is a self-transformation, empowerment, and happiness coach, spiritual guide, international speaker, and bestselling author.


Self-Discovery is the path toward success and fulfillment in life. Discover who you truly are and how to overcome all of your limitation.

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Today’s Inspiration
I have gone through the book, and found it very helpful and inspirational. It has clarified many doubts and questions about life. I had previously tried reading Bhagavat Gita and had found it quite hard to decipher. The book of Satya Kalra, “My questions & God’s Answers” is very easy to understand.
“I would like to tell you that my sister is a single mother of two with a fulltime job to add to her woes. She was constantly stressed out thinking and worrying about running the house. This was until she read your book ‘Worry free life in 30 days’.
Hello Satya ji; Just wanted to drop you a quick note that both Manoj and I are reading your book-My questions and God’s Answers and agree that you have made it very easy to understand. Kudos to you and keep up the good work.
I read “Worry free life in 30 days” at a time when I was facing challenges related to health and career issues. Through the wisdom and spiritual awakening that this book offers, I was able to apply some of the practical approaches recommended by Ms. Kalra,
"Enjoy Worry-Free life in 30days” is a very handy easy to follow guide. Each day it opens up with a provocative question and answer to provide not only a little perspective but also a key to the daily problems we all face in today's fast paced and stressful lifestyle.
“Sat Sri Akal Bhenji, “I have started 30 days worry-free life, its amazing, I read a page and practice, then move ahead each day. Thanks for creating something for every human who need this”
I have visited your website and found very peaceful messages. You have done so great job with writing 4 books and others which will be coming soon.God bless you with more love and devotion for the service of humanity, and spreading the message of Truth, love and peace.I like the style of all your links and messages. Thanks
Path to Anandam takes you to your True Happiness within.
Joshi, Vice Chairman,Joshi, Vice Chairman,Gita Ashram of America
Heartiest congratulations . . . Your website Path To Anandam is fascinating and brings out the path to eternal freedom and bliss. I am looking forward to reading your book at the earliest instance.”Joshi, Vice Chairman, Gita Ashram of America