Our Programs

Discover who you truly are and how to overcome all of your limitation.

Let us help you evolve, expand your consciousness, and live a life you love, desire and deserve.

At Path to Anandam, we offer you simple, proven, practical techniques that will help you transform yourself by replacing your negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones of Love, Peace and Anandam.

We have developed techniques based upon ancient knowledge and 40 years of personal experience, science, and spirituality which will help you to unveil your eternal happiness peace and abundance within. Here you will strengthen your Body-Mind-Spirit connection and identify your purpose in life. We assist you in attaining these through our easy and effective step-by-step “Triple A Strategy” (AAA) of self-Awareness, self-Analysis, and self-Action for correction.

Our self-discovery and self-transformation programs give you simple, step-by-step practices to maximize benefits:

The program is specifically designed for you based on your needs and goals. You can choose for yourself or have us suggest a program for you.

• Every program will teach transformation through self-Awareness, self-Analysis and self-Action for correction, including specific meditation.

• You will learn about yourself, and your situations ─ how to deal with them positively with courage and enthusiasm. You will develop and experience self-empowerment and self-transformation, and will look forward to moving on to the next level in your life.

• Every program has a minimum of 10 sessions, practices, and homework (customized exercises for you to do before the next meeting/session).

• Certain programs are also offered online.

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