Yoga Beyond Asana

The Complete Guide For Blissful Life

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“The beautiful designed book outlines step-by-step instructions to find peace of mind, removes self-limiting beliefs and increase happiness within. A whole new way of looking at yoga!”– Charmaine Hammond Author, ‘On Toby’s Terms’

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“Yoga Beyond Asana: The Complete Guide to Blissful Life” is an elegant guidebook for any and all yoga practioners, from beginners to skilled. With a 30 day spiritual planner, you’ll be able to journal your progress and actually see the transformational path you’re on. “Yoga Beyond Asana” is more than just your typical yoga instruction…it’s a way of living and being. Drawing on her three decades of experience as a yoga and meditation practitioner, Kalra shows us how yoga is not only a physical exercise, but is also a holistic approach to attain oneness of body, mind, and spirit. As yoga grows in popularity…with over 20 million people actively practicing it in the USA alone…the daily step by step‘meditations’ included in the book take the reader on a beautiful and purposeful journey toward peak potential, an elevated level of consciousness, and peace of mind.  


New Way of Looking at Yoga This beautifully designed book outlines step- by -step instructions to find peace of mind, remove self limiting beliefs and increase happiness within. A whole new way of looking at yoga! by Charmaine Hammond Author, On Toby’s Terms
A Must Read Book I was curious about the spiritual link to yoga. My questions were answered by reading “Yoga Beyond Asana… The Complete Guide to Blissful Life. by Marilyn Suttle
A must-read book Inspirational and thought provoking, Yoga Beyond Asana…made me realize what I was seeking from my yoga practice was that inner bliss that comes from the ancient wisdom of YOGA. by Pragito Dove
Yoga Is Not Exercise, It’s a Multidmentional Transformational Journey… PHENOMENAL little book that is a must READ for anyone who wants a new yoga perspective. Yoga Beyond Asana… by Coach Laura
A MUST READ! Fantastic! This little book, Yoga Beyond Asana… will have a BIG impact on your yoga practice. Satya Kalra has imbued this beautifully illustrated gem with sage wisdom of the ages… by Tamara Green, Love Mentor
Thank you for the clarity and simplicity For anyone who has wanted to start on a spiritual path but you didn’t know where to begin…now you do. by Debra Poneman
Release the Blocks to Inner Peace & Connection with God This book is a must read for any human being who desires to expand in their ability to access inner peace, love and connection with God. by Lauren E Miller
Founder of Know Soul’s Language This book really allows you to understand how Yoga is a spiritual practice and can be a key part of creating a blissful life. by Jennifer Urezzio

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About The Author

satyaSatya Kalra has been a practitioner of meditation and spiritual teacher for over 35 years. With masters in biochemistry, organic chemistry and business, Satya expertly balances the disciplines of science and spirituality with a very grounded and practical application in daily life. Her approach is gentle and subtle, yet the results she attains with her students and audiences are transformative and profound. Satya has served as co-chairperson of the Geeta Conference on “Reconnecting Spirituality and Technology” at Stanford University. She is also a founder of the non-profit organization Path to Anandam, focusing on aid and self-reliance for impoverished women and children. In addition to her many global speaking and teaching engagements, Satya is the bestseller author of “Yoga Beyond Asana.” She is also the author of several books, including “My Questions & God’s Answers,” “Enjoy Worry Free 30 Days,” “Lasting Forever: Birth, Death and Beyond,” and “108 Mantras to Awaken Your Soul.” More. >>>