Ganga Flood Disaster Relief Fund


Over 70,000 lives have been impacted

Dear Friends,

The disaster in Kedarnath and surrounding Ganga flood zone in India is simply heartbreaking. Over 70,000 lives have been impacted – more than 20,000 killed, 20,000 missing, and 30,000 homeless. Entire villages have been drowned and swept away. Here at for Path to Anandam, we have been sending our thoughts and prayers to all those impacted by the floods, as well as to all those who are assisting in recovery efforts.

Path to Anandam™ is a spiritual and non-profit organization – 501 c(3) (36-4657491). The purpose of our organization is to guide you to reach your untapped eternal happiness and peace within– Blissful living. Our mission at Path to Anandam is to elevate suffering of others by helping and sharing.

Path to Anandam has created the Ganga Disaster Relief Fund (GDRF) to provide food, shelter, clothing, and medical care for those impacted by the Ganges floods. We are working in conjunction with Pujya Swami Chidanandji who is the head of Parmarth Nicketan (Project Hope) in India, Divine Shakti foundation and several other non-profit organizations.

We are requesting our friends and family members to open your hearts and extend yourheartfelt sympathies to them through donating and contributing to this fund (GDRF) and help the people who are impacted and are in tremendous need of help and support.

Please Donate and BE THE HOPE of many!


Path to Anandam is a tax-exempt501(c)(3) Tax I.D. 36-4657491, non-profit organization that guides people to reach their untapped eternal happiness and peace within- Blissful living.All the donations and proceeds from the products and services are used for philanthropic causes and projects.
All the donations are tax deductible. Your support will help us to support causes and projects. Please DONATE.
Thanks in advance for your support.