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“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.”—Oprah

• Do you want to change your life, but have no time to take off school or work?
• Do you find yourself battling fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and anger?
• Do you yearn to find purpose and meaning in life?
• Do you sometimes feel that your own insecurities, self-doubt, fears, and other negative thoughts are hindering your abilities to experience peace and happiness?
• Do you wish to change your negative thought patterns?
• Do you want to start living a life you love and desire today?

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Powerful Guidance and Transformation is now available in the comfort of your own home.

The Path to Anandam is here to help you completely transform your life with our amazing online learning programs. Our programs are designed to meet your personal needs, with an affordable and easy way to access our teachings at any time. Don’t wait another minute procrastinating and making up excuses why you can’t attend. Our online learning programs are available to you RIGHT NOW and can be accessed in the comfort of your own home.

Our online programs will take you deep within to discover where your true happiness lies.

We will guide you through our powerful “Triple “A” Strategy” for Transformation- Awareness, Analysis, and Action for correction. This unique strategy will take you from fear to courage, from depression to joy, from self-doubt to self-confidence, from pain and illness to health and wellness, from weakness to strength, and from sadness to Anandam (eternal Bliss). Register Now to learn more.

Advantages of online learning:
Privacy and comfortability- Get comfy in your favorite chair, home office, or even your own bed and create the most comfortable and relaxing environment for learning.

Move at your own pace- Press pause when needed and continue when the information has soaked in for you. You are in control of when and how you learn and can customize your experience for your particular learning style.
Easy Access- You can download all worksheets, take part in interactive online presentations, and use our 30 day planner to track your progress as you go.

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Create your own personalized agenda- If you would like to skip over a topic and come back to it, or if you are very interested in learning one of our techniques in particular–our online learning gives you that flexibility.
Affordability- Many of our clients chose online learning as an affordable way to get a great education.

What You Will Experience:
You will discover who you are at your core, what your weaknesses are and how to overcome your fears and any road blocks keeping you from fulfilling your goals. We will teach you the magic of working with your subconscious mind and the mysteries and wonders of how you can use it to change your life. You will learn how to harness the power within you to achieve true bliss that is not affected by any external circumstances. Experience a spiritual awakening as you tap into the power of your true Self!
We use ancient teachings and techniques from the Vedic texts, yoga, Chakra energy clearing and activation, meditation, psychological principles, mantras, prayer, reflection, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and more, bridging the worlds of science and spirituality to construct a plan for you to achieve anything you desire. We all need guidance in our lives at one point or another. Our highly skilled team will be there to walk you through the program every step of the way. Through one-on-one consultations either phone or skype to help set and attain your life goals, and to answer questions you have with anything along the way–we are here for you.
Path to Anandam’s Online Learning Programs will help you:
• Live the life you deserve and desire
• Become the master of your life and success
• Find peace, happiness, and balance in all facets of your life
• Discover your true life’s purpose
• Learn how to release negativity and change thought patterns
• Kick undesirable habits and behaviors
• Banish worry, anger, fear, frustration, and depression
• Improve personal and professional relationships
• Enhance self-confidence
• Improve your health, sleep, and productivity
• Understand the connection of your body, mind, and spirit
• Attract goodness, love, and abundance in your life
Now is the time to choose what’s best for you. Now is the time to live the life you deserve. No more excuses–enroll in our online programs to experience peace, love and bliss in your mind, body, and spirit.
Register Now for more information on our online learning or speak with our highly qualified program consultants to discuss and create a plan that works for you and fits in your budget.

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