Bhagavad Gita in Questions & Answers format



“The Gita is a practical spiritual guide that teaches how to fulfill own Dharma, (responsibilities) righteously and also attain everlasting happiness, peace while living in the material world. ”


Srimad Bhagavad Gita, the Timeless Wisdom of Universal Knowledge for the humankind is presented in questions & answers format “My questions God`s Answers” by Satya Kalra.

The Gita, the source of Unlimited Wisdom is a practical spiritual guide that offers different paths/yogas (Selfless Action, Love and Compassion, and Self-Knowledge) to remove pains and miseries, fulfill one’s own Dharma, (duty, responsibilities) and live happy and peaceful life in this material world.

The book, “My questions God`s Answers” answers all queries of all categories of reader. It connects with busy youngsters, harried homemakers, stressed out executives all at once and answers them all.  It answers many complex questions, resolves numerous dilemmas and provides solutions to difficult situations of life.  It answers all!

The book takes you through a spiritual journey and helps you to overcome the daily challenges of life, reach your unlimited potential, attain Eternal Happiness, Peace, and Anandam (Bliss), and realize God – God-Realization and Self-Realization.

In this book Satya has presented the secular teachings of the Gita in a simplified and easy to read with color graphics, illustrations, flow charts, tables. It helps a contemporary, young and modern person to easily understand and apply its teachings, so he can enhance the quality of his life, enjoy his life to the fullest and live happily and peacefully.

Following are some of the questions and answers from the book.




My questions God`s Answers

1. What kind of goal should one have in life?
One must have the Supreme goal and seek to attain that Supreme state (Higher Self) where one does not return. (G.15.04)

2. Why should one control the mind and the senses?
The mind, when controlled by the wandering senses, steals away the intellect and discrimination of a man just as the wind takes away a ship on the sea from its destination. Therefore, O Arjuna, one who completely controls one’s senses from sense objects becomes steady in Self-Knowledge. (G.2.67, 68)

3. What is the easiest and quickest way to attain the Nirvana?
O Arjuna, true renunciation is difficult to achieve without first engaging in selfless action (Karma Yoga). A sage, whose mind is always focused on God while doing selfless service with devotion (Karma Yoga), easily and quickly attains Nirvana. (G.5.06)

4. How does one stabilize the mind and attain Equanimity?
When one can fully withdraw the senses from objects, like a tortoise that withdraws its limbs into the shell for protection, then one’s intellect becomes steady (Equanimity). If one abstains from sense enjoyment, then one’s desire for sensual pleasures fades away, but the craving for them still remains in a very subtle form. This craving in a subtle form also disappears from a person of steadfast mind who has realized the Supreme Being. (G.2.58, 59)