Free Book Distribution

“One, who propagate this supreme secret (Transcendental-knowledge) to My devotees, will be performing the highest devotional services to Me and will certainly come to Me.” (Geeta.18.68)

Path to Anandam partners with many different philanthropic organizations and individuals to help them reach their untapped eternal happiness and peace within (Blissful living) and spread the same to their communities. We do this by donating books in order to educate people about practicing spirituality.

All the proceeds generated from the sale of our products go to service projects and printing more books for the purpose of distribution.

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Path to Anandam is a tax-exempt501(c)(3) Tax I.D. 36-4657491, non-profit organization that guides people to reach their untapped eternal happiness and peace within- Blissful living.All the donations and proceeds from the products and services are used for philanthropic causes and projects.
All the donations are tax deductible. Your support will help us to support causes and projects. Please DONATE.

Thanks in advance for your support.