Who should Attend

At Path to Anandam, we provide practical wisdom through real experiences for those looking to live the life they really want and deserve. Making ancient teachings to attain love, peace, happiness, and Anandam (eternal bliss) accessible to anyone–this is the hallmark of Path to Anandam services.

We offer a scientific approach to resolving problems and overcoming obstacles to personal growth, lasting happiness, and peace of mind. Men, women, and youth from all walks of life have discovered within themselves a vast oceans of personal resources while being guided in simple, step-by-step techniques and programs of timeless lessons, principles, and practices available at Path to Anandam.

Everyone is invited to experience our trainings and programs. We offer programs for Executives to enhance every aspect of life including abundance and success, enhanced relationships, better health, and genuine happiness.

We also provide trainings and programs for organizations and corporations looking for better flow and productivity in the workplace, as well.

All women are highly encouraged to experience our courses as a way to enhance self-confidence, clear constricting mental beliefs, create Harmony and Happiness within, awaken the Divine Shakti and Goddess within, deepen your spiritual connection, create Lasting and meaningful Relationships and Discover and fulfill your true purpose in life.

Seniors have experienced great transformation in their lives from going through our programs. Whether you want to find new purpose in life, increase and maintain physical and mental health, and live your life to the fullest.

Come Contact us to attain the life your you have always dreamed of and experience true Love, peace, and Anandam (Eternal Bliss) now!