“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.”–Oprah Winfrey

Women face particular challenges in balancing work, community, family life, romantic relationships, and personal fulfillment.

Overall, women in today’s modern societies have more freedom, more power, more education, more money, more opportunity, and more responsibilities than ever before in history. In fact, women are the “backbone” of society.

And yet so many of us secretly harbor feelings of insecurity, frustration, fear, and emptiness. We tend to feel that so much more is expected of us.

Women’s Unique Gifts

Our needs, our viewpoints, and even our very thought processes differ from men’s. Yet, many of us are unnaturally trying to force ourselves to conform to a male version of power, success, and happiness, when our needs are very different.

It’s time to create a new model and paradigm that works to improve our internal relationship with ourselves. Learn how to recognize and empower your true loving, caring, nurturing, peaceful, compassionate, courageous, and joyful self!

The Power within You is the Goddess within You

Empower yourself and embrace the Goddess and Goodness within.

The path to true and lasting happiness lies within us ─ within our feminine gifts, abilities, and power. We just need to recognize and awaken it. You are a powerhouse of talents and goodness. Recognize your self-worth. Tap into your inherent power. Unveil the Goddess within you.

Just as women have a more holistic view of life, The Path to Anandam’s step-by-step programs offer a holistic solution to women’s emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs. Through various guided self-discovery practices, you will learn how to awaken your inherent feminine power. By applying our “Triple A Strategy” (AAA) for self-development and self-transformation ─ self-Awareness, self-Analysis, and self-Action ─ you can recognize, enhance, and leverage your unique feminine gifts to attain what you desire and what you truly deserve.

Women, Your Well being is the Path to Your Self-Empowerment!

Not only is wellbeing the path to self-empowerment; it is the path to global transformation. Successively, self-empowerment is the ultimate path to Anandam: happiness, peace, goodness, and freedom.

Self-Transformation through Awareness, Analysis, and Action

Through our “Triple A Strategy” (AAA) of self-Awareness, self-Analysis, and self-Action, you’ll learn simple techniques and tools that you can practice daily. Your step-by-step guided journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and self-transformation, and the application of these techniques, will beneficially affect you in all areas of your life:


• Heal your body
• Take care of yourself before taking care of others
• Improve your health
• Eliminate pain and disease
• Experience more pleasure


• Discover the beauty and power of your inner self
• Free your mind ─ experience the freedom to think for yourself
• Tune into your divine intuition
• Enhance self-confidence and self-esteem
• Substitute negative thought patterns for POSITIVE ones
• Clear constricting mental beliefs
• Experience stillness of mind
• Tap into your healing powers


• Create Harmony and Happiness within
• Experience LOVE, PEACE, and ANANDAM (eternal bliss)
• Access your creative energy
• Practice Goodness
• Feel emotional stability
• Awaken the Divine Shakti and Goddess within
• Deepen your spiritual connection
• Experience Oneness and Enlightenment


• Increase productivity
• Create lasting and meaningful relationships
• Awaken your leadership qualities
• Improve your status and role in your community and society
• Understand your mind-body connection
• Discover and fulfill your true purpose in life

Special Needs

Sadly, many women are victimized by violence, poverty, and oppression. The Path to Anandam offers hope and relief to those who need special healing and guidance. When we begin our path to self-empowerment and self-healing we become a beacon of light and a blueprint for the healing of the world. Realize that you as a WOMAN are the wisdom of mankind. Learn your true nature and begin to EMPOWER YOURSELF TODAY!

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Begin to Empower Yourself Today

Empower yourself and embrace your divinity

The world needs more Empowered Women like you NOW!

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