Why ask questions?
Every one of us – from children to adults to the elderly – has questions to ask. Whether it is from morning till evening or from birth till death, we face an onslaught of questions at every moment and at every step of our life. We have to answer our spouses, children, teachers, bosses, employees, co-workers… the list is endless. There seems to be a question behind every thing and we spend our whole life quizzing about so many things. It seems like our whole life is one big question mark?
“Spirituality improves the quality of life and makes one a better and better person in all aspects of life.” Unless we are awakened and question the suffering in our life, we cannot become a perfect human being. Humanity begins when this sort of inquiry is awakened in one’s mind. Therefore, those who question why they are suffering, or where they came from or where they shall go after death are proper students for the understanding of Gita. —Swami Prabhupada [faq order=”ASC” orderby=”date”]