Causes and
symptoms of worry…

“Worry causes all the pains and miseries
in our life”

“Our own impurities and negative emotions are
causes of our worries, and unhappiness
(pains and miseries)”

Causes of worry
5+2 Enemies: 1. Attachment, 2. Desire, 3. Anger, 4. Greed, 5. Arrogance, 6. Jealousy and 7. Hatred.

Effect & Symptoms of Worry
Worry/Imagination → Anxiety → Fear → Anger →Nervousness, → Stress → Unhappy → Headache, upset stomach, high blood pressure, Insomnia and other diseases.

One develops attachment to sense objects by thinking about them. From attachment arises desire for them. From unfulfilled desires comes anger. From anger comes delusion; from delusion confusion of memory; from disappearance of memory and bewildering mind; reasoning (Discrimination) is destroyed. When reasoning is destroyed, one falls from right path. (2.62–63)

Reprogram your mind…

“Substitute thoughts of worry with divine
thoughts (contemplate on God)”
“Chintan is the Path to Freedom/Liberation that
leads to everlasting Happiness, Peace and Anandam”

Do Chintan – Always Live in Divine/God’s Consciousness

Chintan in thoughts
Chintan in speech
Chintan in action
Chintan in sleep

Therefore, focus your mind on Me and let your intellect dwell upon Me alone. Thereafter, you shall certainly attain Me. (12.08)

Freedom from worry
Freedom from suffering
Freedom from anxiety
Freedom from stress
Freedom from unhappiness
Freedom from sorrows and pains
Freedom from bondage of life and death
Live in Love, Peace and Anandam
Have healthy body, healthy mind
Enjoy the life and still attain the purpose of life

“Sat Chit Ananda”