“The Bhagavad Gita is a practical spiritual guide that teaches how to attain everlasting prosperity by performing our action /Dharma righteously.”


Today, everyone wants to be prosperous, rich and famous. However, in order to become prosperous, we must understand what prosperity really means. What prevent us from attaining it? How can one become prosperous?

Prosperity does not mean only materialistic things such as money, possessions, big cars, big homes, big saving accounts and big titles. Many of us experience some or all of these, but not at all times. These things are only temporary; they come and go.  However, Eternal Prosperity (prosperity not affected by external factors) will remain forever – Life that has a purpose, and is full of satisfaction, happiness, and peace.

However, how does one become prosperous, attains Eternal Prosperity, and maintaining it forever

The Bhagavad Gita, theTimeless Wisdom of Universal Knowledge for the humankindand a spiritual guide from India guides and answers these questions. Through the Art of Work (Righteous action), the Gita takes us step-by-step into the process of attaining Eternal Prosperity, maintaining it, in addition, keeping it forever It teaches us how to work and fulfill our obligations and responsibilities righteously, and feel self-satisfied and self-fulfilled – these are the keys to a Prosperous life. As Lord Krishna says in the Gita

“Focus on your work, not just on the result of action”

You have a right only to perform your work (respective duty) but no control or claim to its results. The fruits of work should not be your motive and you should never be inactive. (G. 2.47)

Prosperity ForeverUltimate Success comes only with God’s Grace”

Wherever there is Krishna, the Lord of Yoga (Righteousness/Dharma, Gita) and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer (Protector of righteousness with the weapons of duty), there will always be Everlasting Prosperity, Victory, Glory, and Sound policy; such is my firm conviction. (G. 18.78)