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The book, Lasting Forever…Birth, death and beyond is an excellent book which touches my heart. Thing which I like about this book is all the important topics which are required for self-improvement is explained in a very simple and practical way. I would recommend to all those who are in spiritual journey to read this every day. Also I like the spiritual planner at the end of the book which is unique. — B.L. Joshi Vice President of Gita Ashram USA


I went through this beautiful compilation. The thing which I like most about this book is the key point from Gita and all other spiritual leaders explained in a simple & beautiful way without losing the essence. I am sure if we follow the way it is designed we will be benefitted. I am still reading and enjoying. Once again I thank Satyaji for this wonderful compilation. This will definitely help me in my spiritual journey. — Ravi Subramanian (USA)


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