My questions and God’s Answers”—Guide to Eternal Happiness, Peace, and Anandam“, the book was released during the Maha Kumbh in Rishikesh (India) by Shri Lal Krishan Advaniji, a prominent leader of India, blessed by Swami Chidanand Saraswati and several saints on the holy bank of holi river Ganga. Several thousand people witnessed the divine occasion.

Many interpretations of Srimad Bhagwad Gita have been done till date. However the latest analysis, done by Mrs. Satya Kalra is not just a philosophic commentary of the Gita, but a practical spiritual guide that provides a map of life and shows the many ways available to reach one’s unlimited potential. It takes you through a spiritual journey and guides you step-by-step to overcome the daily predicaments and helps enhance the quality of life. It evokes Everlasting, Happiness and Peace, Anandam feelings in the mind of readers. It answers all queries of all categories of reader.

In the book, the teachings of the Gita have been presented in a question and answer format with beautiful color graphics, flow charts and tables. The presentation is so simple that contemporary, young and modern readers can easily understand and apply these teachings in their daily life, rise above day-to-day challenges and enjoy their life to the fullest.

The book is a culmination of Satya Karla’s personal quest for Truth, and a means to spread the message to fellow seekers. She is a former CEO, spiritual seeker and founder of Path to Anandam (non-profit organization). She is the author of several Path to Anandam pocket books.

This practical spiritual guide of 425 pages is a must-have for the readers of all genres. It is available through Diamond Pocket Books, and