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Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/show-5303113.mp3″]September 7th 2013
The Bhagavad Gita and Daily Life -How to Enhance the Quality of Life by Applying Gita’s Teachings

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/show-3062013.mp3″]June 30th 2013
Secret of Self Transformation with Satya Kalra

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/forgivness-meditation.mp3″]Forgiveness Meditation for Project Forgive

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/satya-show-4917189.mp3″]June 1st 2013
Today on Living Large

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/tahnee-talk.mp3″]April 18th 2013
Satya Kalra speaks with Tahnee Tahnee Woolf’s Talk!
Voices from The Beinghood
“unique brand of practical spirituality”

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/tmys.mp3″]April 10.2013 in santa Barbera, CA, USA
Satya Kalra on Tell Me Your Story Radio Show with Richard Dugan
“7- Steps to Eternal Happiness”

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/empowering-talk-radio.mp3″]Jan 13, 2013
Satya Kalra on Council Fire Empowering Talk Radio Show”
– with John Jones & Shelley
Prosperity through the “Art of Work”

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/life-is-so-beautiful.mp3″]Jan 2, 2013 in Germany.
Prosperity t
hrough the “Art of Work”
Name of Radio show is Life is so beautiful.
Host is Vanda Guzman

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/webtalkradio-on-10-29-12.mp3″]October 29, 2012
Satya Kalra on webtalkradio.netSimply Spiritual Solutions with Dr. Lisa Hurtt

Satya Kalra
October 19, 2012
Satya Kalra on Beyond 50 Radio – How to attain Eternal Happiness, Equanimity and the Ultimate Bliss though yoga.

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/show-3847579.mp3″]October 18, 2012
Satya Kalra on The Life Universal Loving – Self – Awareness Yoga

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/sl-121018-kalra-october-18-2012.mp3″]October 18, 2012 Get Inspired radio with Dr. Sue London – Healing Benefits of Yoga with Satya Kalra

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/thu-oct-18-2012.mp3″]Interview with Satya Kalra Founder of Path to Anandam
by Psychic Empath Sherry Andrea Thu, October 17, 2012
Satya Kalra has been teaching and promoting how to enhance the quality of life the through spirituality to family, and business, to various groups and organizations for past 20 years.

Satya Kalra`
October 16, 2012
Path to Anandam: Satya Kalra
on Dayron Arias Radio on Mixcloud

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/tue-october-9-2012.mp3″]Satya Kalra on Awareness Yoga
by The Life of Universal Loving Tue, October 9, 2012
Satya Kalra is a former guest on The Life of Universal Loving. She is the author of Yoga Beyond Asana, Complete Guide to the Blissful Life. She is also the founder of the spiritual, non-prifit organization, Path to Anandam.

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/purifying-radio.mp3″]Purifying the Effects of Karma
by The Life of Universal Loving in Religion Tue, August 28, 2012
Tenzin Norbu welcomes Satya Kalra to discuss her newest book, Yoga Beyond Asana- The Complete Guide for Blissful Life.

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/part-1.mp3″]Radio Talk Satya Kalra (Part 1) February 6, 2011
WGVU Fred welcomes Satya Kalra to discuss her newest book, a study of the Bhagavad Gita titled My Questions and God’s Answers: Guide to Eternal Happiness, Peace, Anandam.

Satya Kalra
[iqaudio file=”audio/part-2.mp3″]Radio Talk Satya Kalra (Part 2)

Fred continues his conversation with Satya Kalra on her newest book, a study of the Bhagavad Gita titled My Questions and God’s Answers: Guide to Eternal Happiness, Peace, Anandam.