“Prosperity Forever: Through Art of Work” is an elegant guidebook for anyone one who want to live in abundance and achieve prosperity.With a 30 day spiritual planner, you’ll be able to journal your progress and actually see the transformational path you’re on. Prosperity Forever” helps you to understand that prosperity is a state of being prosperous rather than amassing of what you can buy, or store, or covet or lose….it’s not something you have, it is something you are.

Drawing on her over 35 years experiences as spiritual teacher and self-transformation coach, Satya guides us how to identify and perform your activities righteously through Art of Workand live the life that has a purpose, and is full of satisfaction, happiness, and peace.Dailystep by step practices included in the book take the reader on a beautiful and purposeful journey toward peak potential, an elevated level of consciousness, and peace of mind.