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Dear Friends and Path to Anandam supporters

“Happy Navratri/Nav Durga”

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“9 Days of developing Divine Qualities (SELF FOCUS, self- discipline and self-Purification)”
9 Days of Practicing Goodness-Sattvic

Goodness → Goddess

Day 1: Think Good & Practice Forgiveness (myself and others)

Day 2: Eat Good & Perform Righteousness/ Duty/ Responsibility

Day 3: Be Happy & Cheerfulness

Day 4: Speak Good & Discrimination

Day 5: See Good and Courage/ Fearlessness

Day 6: Hear Good, Love, devotion and compassion

Day 7: Do Good-Help others, be Honest & Truthful to yourself and with others (Ram)

Day 8: Meditation, prayers and detachment (Lotus flower)

Day 9: Total Surrender to Maa! Do all the offerings to Her, Enjoy, be with Her; let go… worship the purity within   you and little girls as a symbol of pure love &purity (Ram Navami-birth of light.)

“May Mother Goddess shower Her blessings of health, happiness, peace and prosperity upon you and everyone in the universe.”

The Path to Anandam Team

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