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Lasting forever…Birth, death and beyond

How to deal with death and learn to live happily and peacefully

Lasting Forever- Birth, Death and Beyond

Since ancient times, people have been making concerted efforts to understand the mystery of birth and death. Without doubt, everyone has to deal with the death of loved ones sometime during their life time. Whenever I faced the situation of death of my near and dear ones, I not only felt sad, but my mind was always also filled with many questions such as why does one die? Where does one go after death? How to overcome the pain and sorrow of separation? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life and how am I going to fulfill it?

I continued to feel miserable until I found my spiritual guide, the Bhagavad Gita, the Timeless Wisdom of Universal Knowledge from India. The wisdom of the Gita has not only answered my questions about the mysteries of life and death but also guided me how to overcome sorrows and pain, how to handle difficult situations in my life, how to enjoy my day-to-day life, live happily and peacefully; and still strive towards the Higher Purpose. The Gita answered me all! Therefore, based upon the teaching of the Bhagavad Gita, my own experiences, and appropriate quotes from other scriptures, I have prepared this pocket book (Anandam guide), “Lasting forever…Birth, death and beyond.”

The beautiful book is easy to read with color graphics and illustrations. It enables one to understand the meaning of life and death in the simplest language possible besides answering numerous, conflicting and complex queries that we all have with regard to life, death, God, heaven, hell, soul, and many such similar concepts.

The Anandam guide answers many questions of both life and death such as:

• Who am I?
• Why am I born?
• Where will I go after death?
• How to eliminate or minimize the fear of birth and death?
• How to deal with grief?
• How to handle difficult situation in life?
• How to change the patterns of old thoughts?
• What is the nature of spirit?
• Where does Soul go after death?
• What is the relationship of Body, mind and soul?
• Is heaven the final destination?
• How and why should one take care of oneself?
• What is the purpose of life and how to attain it?

The focus of the book is to PRACTICE and APPLY the tips in daily life. Therefore a daily spiritual planer is provided on the back of the book to avail the maximum benefit.”

I hope that “Lasting Forever… Birth, death and beyond” answers some of your questions and helps you as it has helped me to understand the meaning of life and death. I also hope that it gives you enough strength to face the difficult situations; and brings eternal happiness and peace in your daily life. More…

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