Ms. Satya Kalra
What is the purpose of my life? What do I want? Why am here?”

Many of us ask ourselves these questions at some point during our lives. Answers could be many but one thing is for sure everybody ultimately wants to, be happy and live peacefully.The best way to understand God’s purpose for our life is to allow Gita to speak for itself and we listen carefully. Gita is not a religion, nor does it profess to be a religion.  It is a concept of the Universe and the role human beings should perform in it.  It explains how we may make the best of life with a purpose and draw fulfillment by living in synchronism with the God’s total creation.  Peace and serenity of mind come with an understanding of God’s creation; understanding generates love for others; and, love generates constructive energy to serve others without seeking any return.

According to the Gita, the ultimate purpose of life is only to attain everlastinglove, peace and happiness/Anandam, realize God and our true nature (God/Self-Realization),“SAT CHIT ANANDAM”This can be achieved by serving Supreme/God though serving His creation. To explain this further, I have taken the support of some quotes from Gita God is Anandam and Anandam is God . “One who makes me the Supreme goal of his life, who performs all his actions for Me, who is fully devoted to me and always lives in my consciousness, who is free from attachment and enmity (malice) towards all beings; and friendly to all, certainly attains Me, O Arjuna. (Gita.11.55) Therefore, one must have a goal to attain that Supreme state and remain steadfast in that state with prayers that resonates with: I surrender to that Supreme Being (Primal Purusha) from whom this Creation has emanated since ancient time. (Gita15.04) The question remains as to what prevents us to attain the Supreme State?

Too many selfish desires/wants, anger and greed are the triple gates of hell that lead to the destruction of the embodied self. Therefore, one should abandon these negative emotions. (Gita.16.21, 2.62, 63)

Who can attain the purpose of life and how?

One who abandons all his selfish desires and becomes free from the feeling of “I” and “my” (Arrogance and unduly attachment to materialistic world) attains Supreme Peace. (Gita 2.71)

A Person, whose mind and intellect are completely merged with God(live in Supreme Consciousness), fully devoted to Him, who have full faith in Him, and have God/Self–Realization as Supreme goal of his life, Then all of their impurities and sins are totally destroyed by Self Knowledge; and he becomes very pure; and reaches the Super Conscious state from which there is no return. (5.17)

Those who are free from arrogance and delusion, who have conquered the evil of attachment (too much passiveness to materialistic world), who are totally free from desires and dualities like pleasure and pain, and dwelling constantly in the Supreme Self with all lust (Kama) completely stilled such a noble person attains that Imperishable Supreme state (Supreme Goal, Liberation). (15.05)

Action Plan to overcome barriers to attain serenity of mind and realize our true natureSat Chit Ananda: With the attainment of the serenity of mind, all his sufferings end and soon the intellect of such a person of tranquil mind able to attain and unite with the Eternal Being (God) – he will be always in Anandam-Bliss and Peace. (Gita 2.65) Do self-purification and self-transformation of the preconditioned mind and achieve serenity of mind through following seven steps:

  1. Make the commitment to attain the supreme goal of life and maintain self-discipline (Focus on self-improvement and do not blame others).
  2. Keep good company of people who have similar goals (Guru, Geeta, and Gopal).
  3. Perform every action as selflessly a service to God (Karma-Action Yoga (Karma-Action Yoga).
  4. Develop unconditional love for God and others (His creation) without any expectations(Bhakti-Devotion Yoga).
  5. Experience and realizeown knowledge of, God/Self(Jnana– Knowledge Yoga).
  6. Practice Meditation, Prayers, Pranayam (breathing discipline), and Asanas (physical postures).
  7. Surrendering to God.

Practice, practice…………., With each practice one will come closer and closer to one’s goal of life, become happier and happier person and be able to enjoy lifeto the fullest and finally attain one’s true nature “Sat Chit Ananda”

The Ultimate Purpose of Life, “Sat Chit Ananda”

Make God the Supreme Goal of life Do Self-Purification and Self-Transformation Control all the senses and fulfill your duty Live in God’s Consciousnessand See God in all Attain Supreme Satisfaction and Contentment Seek Freedom from, anger, fear and desires Freedom from miseries and sorrows Freedom from vices and develop virtues Attainthe Supreme state,and do not return again  Unite with the Super-Consciousness Attain God/Self-Realization Attain Liberation (Moksha) Live in Love Live in Peace and Anandam Realize own True Nature, “Sat Chit Ananda”

“The Ultimate Goal of life is “Be Happy, live in Love, Peace and Anandam, and spread the same to others”

Part of text is taken from the book “My questions and God’s Answers” The guide to Eternal, Happiness, Peace and Anandam (BHAGAVAD GITA) by Satya kalra. Satya kalra Path to Anandam Danville, Ca. 94506

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