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Dear Path to Anandam Friends,

New Release Annoucement

“Prosperity Forever, Through Art of work”

(e Book ) ISBN: 978-81-909522-0-0

Path to Anandam is pleased to announce that we have added a new pocket book, Prosperity Forever, Through Art of workto our family of Path to Anandam series by Satya Kalra.

Prosperity Forever is a pocket book that guides step-by-step how to become prosperous and maintain it forever through the art of work (Righteous action).

The Anandam guide is prepared based upon the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, and personal experiences. Prosperity Forever helps you to understand the TRUE meaning of prosperity. It guides you to identify and perform your activities righteously. Through the “Art of Work” you will improve self-awareness, enjoy day-to-day life and become prosperous.

The book also helps to identify your strengths, the type of work that is most suited for your personality, what are your responsibilities (duties), and how to perform these righteously to be successful in life. You will also learn to develop self-awareness, self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment. This is the key to Eternal Happiness, a Peaceful and Prosperous life.

The pocket-sized book, with colorful graphics and illustrations, is easy to carry and read anywhere. It has thirty simple tips, which can be practiced every day to attain EVERLASTING PROSPERITY, Happiness and PEACE.

This Anandam pocket guide Prosperity Forever answers the following questions and many more…

    1    What is prosperity and success?
2    Who is prosperous and successful?
3    What prevents one from being successful and prosperous?
4    How does one become prosperous?
5    What are my responsibilities or duties?
6    How  do I fulfill my responsibilities righteously?

A Daily Spiritual Planner is provided on the back of the book to avail the maximum benefit.  
“Before reading Prosperity Forever, I had lot of doubts in my mind especially in the current tough economic times. However, after reading it, I am not only convinced but I am already feeling prosperous and confident that I can achieve it and maintained it forever.” — Susan Shannon

It is available from

Prosperity Forever, Through Art of work

(e Book ) ISBN: 978-81-909522-0-0

The Path to Anandam Team
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