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Danville, CA -Self-transformation, happiness, and women’s empowerment coach Satya Kalra has done it again! On the heels of her success with My Questions and God’s Answers and 108 Mantras to Awaken Your Soul, Kalra has seen two more of her books race up the Amazon bestseller charts.

Kalra’s inspirational books Enjoy Worry-Free Life in 30 Daysand Lasting Forever: Birth, Death, and Beyond climbed the Amazon charts to become bestsellers.

Both of these powerful books help readers apply the ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita to the challenges of modern life.

Enjoy Worry-Free Life in 30 Daysprovides readers with a roadmap out of worry and stress and into peace, bliss, and happiness. By implementing each of the 30 daily tips for letting go of worry and stress, you will find yourself transformed and emotionally strengthened.

Lasting Forever: Birth, Death, and Beyondtakes readers on a spiritual journey to find greater happiness, fulfillment, and peace in their lives, allowing them to strive toward a Higher Purpose. By finding happiness and purpose in day-to-day living, you can liberate yourself from the cycle of pain, suffering, death, and rebirth.

Satya Kalra has taught spirituality and meditation for 35 years. A former corporate CEO in the biotech industry, Satya deftly creates a natural bridge for right and left brain thinkers to help them incorporate yoga into their lives. She is the author of many spiritual articles and several books, including My Questions and God’s Answers-Bhagavad Gita, Prosperity Forever Through Art of Work, Yoga Beyond Asana, and 108 Mantras to Awaken Your Soul.

Contact Satya Kalra for an interview or media materials.

All proceeds from both the books Enjoy Worry-Free Life in 30 Days, Lasting Forever: Birth, Death, and Beyond are donated to philanthropic causes. For more information, please visit Path toAnandam,

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